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Virtual Pathways E-Zine BACK ONLINE....

Dear New and previous Readers writers, and people who wanted to contribute
to the Virtual Pathways E-zine:

     Due to a change In circumstances, I am able to once, again publish
Virtual Pathways magazine, If you want to contribute any articles related to
Backpacking or Hiking, please email at jhbryan@edge.net . I plan to have the
Sixth Issue of VP up by March 18, 1996. 

    For those of you that have never heard of Virtual Pathways, It is an
E-Zine dedicated to Backpacking. It's inaugural Issue was in July of 1995
and went on a hiatus from November 1995 to January 1996 (because of
Difficult Circumstances.) and is now back online, looking for new writers
and searching for the old writers, and new ideas.

Thank You, For you time and attention. 

Virtual Pathways Is dedicated to the Online Backpacking Community and Is
Free to the Public. 

P.S. I am also looking for people who can translate the e-zine from English
to Spanish, French, German, Italian, and other Languages.

 jhbryan@edge.net     http://edge.edge.net/~jhbryan/     Brentwood, TN USA