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Re: external, internal packs

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996 Troubadoor@aol.com wrote:

> I'd like throw in my $.02 on the internal/external thingy.
>      The only thing I wonder
> about the internal would have been its use during the heat of the summer.
> With the pack sitting directly on my back I'm sure I would have sweated even
> more.
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> had committed a crime, would I respond better to condemnation or caring?"
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	I started with an external pack (Jansport D2) but switched early 
on the the NF Moraine, which was a large internal pack...Now after 15 
years, and hundreds of miles, it is still like a new pack. Since I 
started in June, I had a lot of experience with heat & int vs ext frames.
To be honest, I couldn't tell a difference, although I did throw out one 
of my shirts when I got to Damascus...I liked the internal for the close 
comfort & stability...went thru a lot of brush & didn't get hung up on 
anything. Also, as a woman, the hip belt on the internal frames just seem 
a bit more comfortable to me. I just bought a Kelty Moraine, a small 
internal frame pack as my NF was an extra-large & I don't carry as much 
wt. as I once did (someone likened a pack to a closet, and this one was 
like the living room)...I'm planning on cutting down the NF to a slightly 
smaller version but bigger than the Kelty for my extended trips..The new 
Kelty suspension system is the best I've tried...really comfortable plus 
this pack is very similiar to my old one...compression straps & chest strap.
	BTW, who is D. Patrick Miller, I liked your quote....

"Let's drink a toast to those who most survived the life they've led"
	-- Janis Ian