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RE: Corey - Info

>Hey,     I'm new to this list and just wanted to say hello out there.  I'm 
planning to do a thru-hike starting in April.  This will be my first.

Here's a question.  Has anyone ever been to trail days in Damascus and how
great is it?  I've heard good things but would like to know more.  I believe
it's May 17-19th this year, can anyone confirm?  Thanks.

Anyone in the Orlando, FL area that is planning a thru-hike and has some 
insider information to pass on about things to do in towns, cool hostels or 
whatever, write me.      Thanks.   Corey  <

 Following is a compilation of some of the informative posts to the list. 
I do not have an electronic version of all the great info others have 
posted, although
I do have a hard copy of a few posts - 2 on all the great towns to visit. 
 If you'd like
a copy I'll snail mail it to you or you can pick it up sometime - I live in 
Orlando also!
(You can email me below for exchange of phone #'s, etc.)
L'il Engine
GA -> ME '96
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Of all my moral being."                    William Wordsworth

Possibly Useful Information:

***************AT WebPages************
Most people might know about most of these sites, but here are a few Web
Pages about areas the Trail passes through - they are of interest to me
because I can read about (and see!) some of the places I will see during
GA->ME 96', and I thought other might find them useful as well :

The White Mountains

An Inspirational Sign

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Harper's Ferry

National Park Maps

I hope this isn`t too too common and a needless post.    Out in CA planning 
for the AT,    Andy GA->ME 96'
*****backpacking ideas in with the one-nighter & car camping stuff:*****

The Roadshow Gourmet
    118 Park Street, SE
    Vienna, VA 22180

AYH Outdoor Food Book
    Pittsburgh Council, AYH INC
    6300 5th Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Simple Foods for the Pack
    Sierra Club
    ISBN: 0-87156-757-1

The One Burner Gourmet
    Harriet Baker
    ISBN 0-8092-5883-8

and that old standby

Roughing It Easy
    Dian Thomas
    ISBN 0-446-33205-4
still has an idea or two you can use in a backpack.

The Springer Mtn. end of the trail is not near anything.  Forest Service 
Rte. 42 comes about a mile from the end, or there is an access trail leading 
to Amicalola Falls Statwe Park, about 6 miles away.  The transportation 
connection you will make will almost surely be in Atlanta, about 2 hours 
away (2 hrs. 10 minutes last weekend to the FS 42 AT crossing).  I have a 
file with directions to that spot, if you want it.

The Georgia AT Club has a list of people running shuttle services.
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