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Re: Camera Film

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Andy Burchett wrote:

> I have an AT thru hike preparation question regarding camera film.  I 
> have some film that I would like to send in maildrops along the way.  
> What is the best method of long term storgage of film?  I was gonna ask 
> in alt.somethingelserelatedtofilmandcameras but I figured out of the 200+ 
> memebers of this list, someone might know...  Thanks for the help...
> One By Land
> GA->ME 96'
> AT Thru Hike Countdown : 22 Days

	When I started my hike in June 81, I carried a lot of film as I 
take lots of photos. What I did was stuff the bag with the film into the 
center of my sleeping bag or sometimes the clothing bag, anything for 
insulation & kept one roll near the top if I was running low on frames. 
I sent several rolls out with friends who joined me on weekends; later I 
mailed them off (I think I had Kodak mailers for several). You could send 
some mailers of the processing plant of your choice in with "hold for 
hiker" packages. I didn't notice any loss in color quality in my prints. 
I also did some blk/wh photos for a change of pace. 
	Speaking of "hold for Hiker" pkgs., my favorite one was when I 
got to Damascus, my sister had mailed me a freshly washed & ironed 
gingham shirt...They must have wondered about this woman burying her head 
in cloth & declaring "ah, Tide, June, 81", and sighing....
	I still gaze at my photos from that trip, mountains & centipedes 
and even 6ft. high nettles all hold fond memories, preserved forever...
I tend towards Kodachrome (those nice bright colors...) but the blk/wh 
photos were great (esp. if you do darkroom work)...also...