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Re: Greetings, List.

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Michael Roberts wrote:

> Hi Chuck,
>   Just to let you know what I used: I don't know what the size was, but I
> carried a Kelty (Super?) Tioga pack.  It had plenty of room for my stuff.
> It's an external frame pack, so it's cheaper than an internal frame.  For
> the AT, I think an external frame is fine, and several people I've talked
> to have agreed.  Of course, the internal vs external argument could be
> opened up here in the group if anyone feels strongly about it.
> --Mike

Since I'm in the planning stages for a thru hike for 97, Mike's point about 
what type of pack to use is an important one.  I have a Super Tioga which 
I have used for many multi-day hikes.  My roomate also used it on a 2 
week backpacking trip in Alaska.  He is currently looking at both the 
Gregory and Osprey internal framed packs.  We spent several hours trying 
them on with varied weights this past weekend.  Both seemed good, but 
which would be the better pack?   I like my external frame pack, but am 
torn on whether or not to purchase another pack.  Which would be the 
better pack for a thru hike?  And then the size factor comes into play.  
Would a smaller cu inch pack be better?  I know it forces you to pack 
lighter, but I would think that might force you to make more mail drops 
for food, etc. So many questions, thank God I have some time to work it out! 

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