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Re: Camera Film

  I simply had my film mailed to me in my maildrops.  I had instructed
my friend to keep the film refrigerated until ready for mailing;  I also
used Kodachrome 200 Professional 36 exposure, so that it supposedly would
be at the optimum color balance for use.  Fact is, I'm pretty sure that
regular non-pro film would have been just as good--particulary given that
cold/heat extremes I carried the film in.  In some areas, I did use non-pro
Kodachrome, and I couldn't really tell a difference.  I had no problems 
with the slides, except for one roll that was dunked in the Nolichucky
when we went white water rafting.  I also used an Olympus Super Zoom 3000,
because of the range of zooms available (110, 80, 50, and 38), small size,
and its weatherproof (NOT waterproof) features.  A very sturdy camera, and
seemed to take pictures well in often trying conditions.  I generally 
carried two rolls of 36 exposure film per drop.  I also used the cheap
Kodak disposable camera for some shots;  I generally observed a lack of 
sharpness and and some grain in many of the panoramic shots. In a pinch, 
it was ok.