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Pack size

>Hi Chuck,
>  Just to let you know what I used: I don't know what the size was, 
but I
>carried a Kelty (Super?) Tioga pack.  It had plenty of room for my 
>It's an external frame pack, so it's cheaper than an internal frame. 
>the AT, I think an external frame is fine, and several people I've 
>to have agreed.  Of course, the internal vs external argument could 
>opened up here in the group if anyone feels strongly about it.

   Glad to see somebody's done a thru-hike with my pack, Mike! I have 
a Kelty Tioga (large size), and up until recently it seemed HUGE to 
me -- never had trouble taking everything I needed on shorter trips, 
and comfortably, at that. But recently I had been wondering if a pack 
around 5,000 ci was large enough for a thru-hike. Since you made it 
with one, I guess I can!
   As far as internals vs. externals, to each his or her own. I just 
like being able to easily lash stuff to the outside of my pack. Plus 
I get hot easily in the summer, so the air circulation on my back is 
nice. (PLUS I got my Kelty for $70 on clearance at a sporting goods 
store! That's a REAL plus! ;-))

Thanks for your time,
Joe "Trailnameless Joe"
GA->ME '96 (If everything will fit in my pack. Now where'd I put that