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Re: Greetings, List.

>Hello AT List,
>My name is Chuck Kichline, and I live in Austin, Texas.  I've been lurking
>for a couple of weeks, and would like to thank everybody for what they
>have shared.
>I'm considering hiking the trail in '97 - but might even have the
>opportunity to try a north-south hike later this year instead.
>I learned a lot from the pack weight suggestions.  Since I feel like
>replacing my ~1970 yellow nylon frame pack with something a little more
>up to date, I was wondering on pack SIZE.  I've seen everything from 3000 to
>6000+ cu in.  Any wisdom on what might be too small to be practical for a
>thru hike?

Chuck -

Welcome to the list.  Have fun with it.

I used a Camp Trails Orion (3500 ci - expandable to 3900 ci).  My partner
used an REI Wonderland (.... ci).   We have friends who carry 25 # packs -
essentially, they use day packs, stay only in shelters, some carry no
water, etc.  (all things that I don't do - but they CAN be done).   Know
lots of people who carry 6000 - 7000 ci internal frames.  Personal
opinion is that that's overkill.  But you have to decide how much weight
you want to carry.   My thing is that a big pack is like a big closet - they
both get filled.   Difference is that you don't have to carry the closet.

Our planning right now is to carry 4500 ci internals on the CDT.  That's
not set in stone yet - but I'm not really interested in anything much bigger.

Hey - it's personal - do you want to enjoy the camping or the hiking?  You
can't have both.  Brick Robbins said it best - if you're gonnal hike 2000+
miles, you'd better enjoy the hiking.

Go for it !!!
Jim Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92