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Re: Shanendoah?

-- [ From: Joe O'Neill * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

> Hi,
> My apologies if this is a repeat posting (I don't think I've asked
> yet..) but does anybody have any feelings on what Shanendoah will be
>  the 1st weekend in March (my spring break)?  I wanted to get in some
>  backpacking somewhere that isn't too far from Albany, NY (2.5 hrs.
>  of New York City).
> I've heard that Shanendoah is exceedingly beautiful, I wonder though
>  the weather will be like then.  I can handle moderate cold, and even
> snow, but not knee deep mud, which is what I am afraid of, given this
> winter.  Does anybody have any comments on that, and suggestions for
> intermediate level route (scenic but not back-breaking)?
> Suggestions much appreciated,
> -jeff


In a 'normal' year the temperature range at Big Meadows in Shenandoah
Nat'l Park 26-47 degrees with 4.0 inches of rain. I can't think of
anywhere in the Park that mud would be a problem.

Given a week, and reasonable conditions, you could pack the entire
length of the AT in SNP. For scenic views I like Hawksbill and Mary's
Rock ... both in the Central section of the Park.

The PATC (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club) has stewardship of all the AT
and blue-blazed side trails in SNP. For more in-depth information you
might consider a visit to our home page at:

Enjoy your trip,

Joe O'Neill
Shamrock '95-'00