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Re: Shanendoah?

  In regards to your hiking in early March:  generally, the weather at that
time of year will be in the mid 20's-40's (possibly low 50's) during the day;
and down in the low 20 to mid 20's at night (might get into the teens though).
Mud will not be a problem. However, given the rugged weather we have had
so far, it might get colder or snowier than it normally would be.  They have
had several large snows already this year of a foot or more.
  Shenandoah has over 500+ miles of tails;  generally, the Central District
has some of the best views and terrain.  The AT through this section offers
numerous views.  White Oak canyon with the its waterfalls is also popular.
  This is really a great time to visit Shenandoah;  the leaves are off the
trees, and the air is clear, so the views will be really outstanding.  Also,
very few people.  You probably will want to check out Andy Hiltz's PATC web
page for more info on the area (http://io.datasys.swri.edu/PATC/patc.html).  
Hope this is useful...