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Stamps for Trails!

Howdy Hikers, Don't know if you saw my msg last wk, saying just signed up for 
this list. Hiked the AT in 87-88, all those problems and stories bring back 
lots o' memories! Anyway, for about a year, I've had a campaign going with 
the US Postal Service. I'm trying to get them to issue a set of stamps. The 
stamp set would honor and depict all ninteen of our National Scenic and 
Historic Trails. I've had some sucess, hikers others and some trail orgs have 
written to the PO to urge them on. Had idea published in Trail Tracks, the 
newsltr of American Trails, and the American Hiking Society did same in their 
ADT newsltr. Backpacker mag is supposed to, unde signposts, in the April 96 
issue. It takes the PO about 3 yrs to approve,design, produce and issuse any 
stamp. I also requested if the set is approved, have the first day issue on a 
National Trails Day. Hey, they issue stamps depicting everything else! If you 
think its a good idea, write to the PO and tell them. Even a postcard. Trail 
clubs ought to send petitions! The address to send to:
                             Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
                                  US Postal Service

       Washington DC 20260-6753
       Would like your feedback on this stamp idea via this con or my email 
add: chet.fromm%3618-12@satlink.oau.org. Thanks!

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