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Greetings all:

     Wanted to give an intro to us.  My wife and I are both avid backpackers
and have enjoyed reading the past couple of days worth of posts.
Very active mailing list indeed!

     We're from eastern CT and we've only been hiking in New England area.
Doing the AT is a major dream of ours and after last year doing 100 mile
wilderness in Maine, I don't think we have any options now, the bug has bit.
(At least not a recluse, eh?  <<GRIN>> ).  BTW the 100 mile wilderness
course is just hiking it. No formal training required to hike almost the
last 100 miles of the AT.  It is VERY educational though!  No credits or
certificates awarded, unless you get one from the Shaws in Monson.

     About us:  I'm a veterinarian and my wife is a social worker.  As you
could guess from my occupation, we hike with our dogs.  Two mutts that carry
their own weight and really enjoy trail life.  

     Sparrow                            &                   Ronin
   June Keniston                                          J. Kirk Keniston

Both of us with the same Email address (convenient and cheaper!)