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Re: Lyme disease

>Although this is probably a workable solution for shorter hikes, I'd
>hesitate to have any pesticide next to my skin for 6 months...Although
>I've usually used Avon's Skin-so-soft bath-oil as an anti-bug juice. It
>smells reasonable & leaves your skin very supple! Plus, it works as well
>as any insecticide I'm used...OTOH, it may not be as effective against
>ticks as it's possible I had some problems with Lyme disease following my
>1981 hike, arthritis post-hike and cardiac problems for which we couldn't
>find a cause within the following year..Back then, not so much was known
>of Lyme....I'm much more aware of checking & removing ticks promply. My
>dog now wears a tick collar as we live in a wooded community.
>Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the comments; you make some very good points. To clarify, I have
had a number of bad experiences using any DEET-based or Citronella based
compounds on my skin.  (They all seem to make me physically ill after a few
hours.) Yet, bugs drive me crazy, so having pyrethrins on my clothes has
turned out to be my personal compromise. Maybe because I like wearing baggy
clothes, I  haven't had the problems I had when applying it directly to
me:)  I don't have any experience with  Skin-so-Soft, but will certainly
give it a try. Sorry to hear about your bout with Lyme disease.  It sounds

Lew and Catherine Middaugh