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Re: Lyme Disease..

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 TEMPLER7277@uni.edu wrote:

> I have heard that Brown Recluse hide in dark damp places.  Ie, basements.  
> Is this true?  Also what are the likely places they hang out in the backwoods?
> One Step

The key to where the Brown Recluse resides is in it's name...it tends to 
be reclusive, hiding under dark areas, piles of leaves, outdoor privies, 
logs, attics, etc., not necessarily damp spots. It's a spider that's 
prevalent in the home as well as the woods. You've probably come across 
them hundreds of times & never realized it. Although it's bite is nasty, 
can cause necrosis of the tissue due to localized vasoconstriction (the 
venom is considered coagulotoxic -- causes clotting), it is rarely fatal 
except in a very small child or debilitated person. To avoid possible 
exposure, just be cautious about putting your hands into darkened areas 
(thump that log or privy before you sit on it); Just as aside, the only 
person I've seen in the hosp. with a brown recluse bite got it from his 
attic. They're out there, but for the most part they coexist peacefully 
with us.....
The wound starts as a small reddened puncture which forms a rounded 
blister..in 3-4 days, the center gets dark & hard. 2-3 wks. an ulcer forms.
Pain, which is usually minimal at first, increases. This is a wound you 
shouldn't delay medical treatment on as sometimes it requires grafting & 
the chance for infection is always there...
I know we've discussed in the list several of the dangers of being on the 
Trail, but these dangers exist often in our own back yards. (I shared a 
woodpile with a rattlesnake, but he kept the mice down and we were both 
content)..I think it's good that we're sharing ideas about the dangers as 
knowledge is the best preventative medicine...