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Scattered thoughts, questions, etc...

Where are these nasty recluse spiders (geographically speaking) and,
geez, how the heck can I avoid them?  Yuk.

RE:  black flies...I know it's not the AT, but if you really want to
experience black flies, try the Adirondacks in June.  The black flies
there eat the ones in NH for a snack!  The bite, annoy, eagerly divebomb
for human's "innerds" and carry all sorts of nasty stuff.  Yuk again.

(Okay, now I sound like a real primadonna.  I'm really not...I'm just
not particularly fond of spiders & flies!  I feel nightmares coming)

One last thought...we seem to be getting a LOT of new members to the
list recently.  Welcome all!  Hope to see you on the trail someday.

Yours in random thinking,