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Greetings Cyber-hikers,

Just a note to introduce myself to fellow enthusiasts. I'm a 40-yr old
housewife who's lived in the heart of Silicon Valley all my life.  I'm
married to a fine man who supports my passion for the outdoors but can't
stand it himself. I've car-camped all over the country, but have little
experience otherwise.  Most of my hiking has been in the low (2-3,000 ft)
hills that surround Santa Clara Valley.  They are mostly chaparral, with a
few hidden glades of redwoods scattered here and there.  I've been
interested in backpacking for a long time, but its only in the last 5 years
or so the weights of equipment have dropped enough for me to consider going
solo.  (I find it extremely difficult to find other women in my age group
who have the time or inclination to do any long trips.)  I am planning my
second attempt at the desert section of the PCT this spring, but I'd like
to do at least part of the AT at a future date.  See you on the trails come

Catherine Middaugh

Lew and Catherine Middaugh