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Lyme Disease..

>about the lyme disease concerns: i believe you can get a preventative
>vaccine from your doctor for it. it has been suggested to me to wear dog
>flea & tick collars around your boots and hat on your head. i'll surely
>be wearing a hat, but i don't think i'll do the collar thing. just too
>bizarre for me.
>linda "o myrtle" wacker

 Haven't heard of any "human" vaccine(s) for Lyme Disease... Pets (dogs) get
shots every couple of years, however the vaccine hasn't been approved or
tested on humans...
 I was one of the lucky few in 94 to get the disease (at least all the
classic symptoms); I think I was bit around Bear Mountain NY... I got nailed
under my sock at ankle level, did not notice the "bulls-eye" rash on my
ankle for at least a week (wild guess on time)... Since I was on the typical
hikers fare of Ibuprofen, I masked most all of the achy, feverish, tired (?)
symptoms... I discovered the rash while visiting my son in CT, actually my
daughter-in-law saw the rash on my ankle first... From there off to a
doctor, he confirmed my suspicions; however DID NOT do a serum test.. He
told me that the tests were only 50-50. He started me on a 90 day supply of
Doxycyclene (sp), to get me to the end of the trail and home... I had to
take a week off the trail for R & R (that's when I noticed the aches, fever,
etc.).. I did complete the trail.  Upon returning home (Rochester MN), I had
a follow-up at the Mayo Clinic, with all sorts of tests; and am having to go
thru most of the same tests every 6 months... I've had both positive and
negative returns, and have been told not to worry, no signs of arthritic
conditions or other follow-on symptoms yet... Live life as usual...
 Be assured I did check for ticks (and bites) in the usual places; armpits,
crotch, etc... I did find wood ticks several times (none attached). I know
of one other person who had a deer tick attached (that was back at Harpers
Ferry), never found out if she came down with the disease.. Not all bites
are infectious.
 I've heard that an over-the-counter cream is available that will deter
ticks et.al. but cautions against prolonged use...
 A little closer check is probably the best prevention...

'Nuff soapbox,

stay warm & cosy,


Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!"       obscure