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Hello everybody,
I am new to the list today and I thought I would introduce myself.  My 
name is Jason Johnson and I am a graduate student at the University of 
Miami.  I am graduating this May with my Master's and heading for the 
Trail in June or July.  I am planning on starting in Maine and heading 
south.  I hiked 1300 miles on the Trail in 1993, from Katahdin to a 
little south of Waynesboro, VA.  I am very anxious to get back on the 
Trail again.  It has been way too long.  I am originally from Knoxville, 
TN so I miss the mountains very much.  I don't really have any questions 
now but I would be interested in hearing from any people planning 
thru-hikes this summer, especially the much-maligned southbounders. :)  
Oh, I agree with the assertion that the best part of the Trail is in 
Maine.  For remoteness and unadulterated natural beauty, the White 
Mountains and Maine are the best section of the whole Trail.  If you only 
have a short amount of time to see the AT, I would go there.  However, 
the whole Trail is amazing in its own right and I can't wait to get 
back.  I hope to see many of you this summer.  

Have a great hike,