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Re: greetings!!

>I am a high school biology teacher.....


>1. Can anyone suggest the "best" 350 to 450 mile segment of the trail hiking
>in late June to the end of July?

The "best" is fairly subjective but  I would bet it's the last section
which includes Katahdin, the 100 mile Wilderness, the Bigelow Range, the
Mahoosics, then down into the Presidentials in NH. But I live in Maine so
I'm biased as I hike these areas.

>2. My brother is adamant about not hiking the trail due to Lyme
>disease....he had a bout and refuses to risk it again.  Any information,
>opinions, or stories about this?

It's something to be aware of but is less of a problem in Maine than in
areas farther south, you just have to inspect yourself especially when
beating through the bush. I would be more concerned with black flies than
ticks at that time of year.
>3. Since my long-term backpacking experience is limited I wonder if there
>are any tips on diet.

5000 to 6000 calories a day (if you can carry it). 50% carbos, 20% protein,
30% fat.  Your milage may vary.
Just my 2 cents.

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