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my intro

Well, I've really been on this list for a couple of weeks now, so I'm not a 
total newcomer, but I thought I'd post my little bio here anyway.

I'm a 25 year old software engineer for a small imaging company at the 
Virginia Tech Coporate Research Center.  I was in the Boy Scouts as a kid, but
my troop wasn't too active so I dropped out.  Then I never really did anything
with backpaking for quite a few years.  I was always doing day hikes around
here (The Allegheny Mountains.   _LOTS_ of little trails.)  Then a friend asked
if I wanted to go camping with him in November.  So I did and have been hooked
ever since.  My longest trip has been 3days.  I know, not too far.  But since
I go out about once every month and a half (less in winter more in summer)
I've hiked I think about 120 miles of the AT around me.  It's pretty nice to
live only 10 minutes away from a crossing of the at on a decent sized road.
I'm hoping to be able to work on a trail crew this spring, but I'm also 
getting married this summer, so we'll see how times collide with one another.
S. Schuyler Stultz              Recognition Research Inc.
                                1872 Pratt Drive Suite 1200
                                Blacksburg, VA 24060