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Re: Greetings, all!

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Linda Wacker wrote:

> thanks kathi,
> i've got all my equipment, and lots of stuff for the mail drops (10 of
> them). i guess i'll have about $3,000 for the journey and hopefully that
> will be plenty. (if it's not, my parents are used to us kids borrowing $
> from them).
> i'm taking my dog with me and would like to know what your experience
> with dogs on the trail is? did you run across any. i'm looking for good
> and bad stories (all good would be nice but i know better than that).
> linda "o myrtle" wacker
I have yet to hike the AT, but I have read that there are some places (I 
think Baxter State Park is one) where no dogs are allowed on the trail.  
I could find out exactly where and get back to you this evening if I have 
a chance.

mark neubauer