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Linda - and others planning to take dogs -

> i'm taking my dog with me and would like to know what your experience
> with dogs on the trail is? did you run across any. i'm looking for good
> and bad stories (all good would be nice but i know better than that).

I'd advise you to write to the ATC and ask for the article on hiking with 
dogs written by a vet, and published in the AT news a few years ago.  
Also, see Steve Lunder's (Uncle Wolf) tips for hikers which includes some 
informative dog info.  (It's a collection of messages he sent to this 
list some months back.) You can find a link to it at:

You might want to add a bit to your kitty as I understand kenneling and 
transporting your dog in places where dogs aren't allowed can be rather 
expensive.  (i.e. Smokies and Baxter)