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Re: introducing myself

Linda , you wrote:
>hi cap,
>i read your introduction. i'm preparing to do the hike this year
>(mid-March departure). one of my family's main concerns was the
>solitude. but you're not really alone; there will be many other people
>out there, more this year than previously (and i'm sure more next year
>than this year).
Thanks for the info but my wife isn't really worried about me being alone
on the trail (I thrive on solitude), she is worried about being left home
alone with the kids and the responsibilities of running the household while
I'm gone (if I'm gone!). We have never been apart for more than a couple of
weeks since we met many moons ago. So that is where our concerns are, -just
having one of us pack up and split for up to 6 months. Good luck on the
trail I am envious. cya

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