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Greetings, all!

   Howdy from a transplanted Kentuckian in Atlanta! I finally 
subscribed to the list after many months of contemplation (OK, OK, I 
just saw the posting in rec.backcountry and did it, OK?!?;-)) Nice to 
be amongst all these AT fans. Speaking of which...
   I'm on the verge of committing to a thru-hike this year. I have my 
gear ready to go, and I'm wondering: How much money does it take? 
I'll need food, stove fuel, the occassional stay in town, a movie 
every so often, maybe beer or four now and then. Will I need anything 
else? How much cash do I need for the trail?
   (I'm sure this question has been asked before, and I apologize if 
it has been beaten into the ground. I haven't seen anything about an 
FAQ for this list, so if one exist, please point me to it.)

Thanks in advance,