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Introducing myself...

Greeting fellow hikers!

I saw an article in rec.backcountry about this AT mailing list and I 
thought that it would be a good idea to subscribe to it wheras I am 
planning on hiking the trail in a few years.  

My name is Mark Neubauer and I am currently a junior at University of 
Pittsburgh majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  I got interested in 
hiking because of Boy Scouts, and I went on my first backpacking trip 
about 8 or 9 years ago.  Ever since then I have always wanted to hike 
the Appalacian Trail.  I have done quite a bit of hiking in recent 
years.  These past two summers I spent at Philmont National Scout Ranch 
in Cimarron, NM.  There I taught hiking and backpacking skills to scouts 
from all over the country.  The best part of it was I got paid for it!  

Right now, however, I have not been doing much hiking because of the 
weather and school and all of that crap.  Hopefully I will get a lot once 
the weather starts to get nicer.

I am planning on hiking the AT with my brother in a few years when I 
graduate (he will be graduating from grad school then too).  Hopefully I 
will be able to pick up some pointers from past thru-hikers and maybe 
even pass along some of my own.  
Happy Hiking!

mark neubauer