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	I've been told that I am suppose to post a little introduction  so that
all you fellow cyber-hikers can get to know me a little bit better. So here
	My name is Charles Chapman and I am known to the world as C.C., just
one half of the famous "CC & The Man Radio Show" here at Bentley College in
Walthm, Mass. I am a senior Computer Information Sytems major who is currently
getting ready to graduate and am in the middle of crazy job search.
	I have been hiking since my Dad first took me out at a VERY young age.
Since then I have become very active in the Boy Scouts and the OA. Most of my
hiking has been done in the Whites of NH where I hail from (West Lebanon).
	Of course I hope to some day hike the AT. I ahve a poster of it on my
wall here at school and everyone is always asking me about it. My last hiking
trip was a few weeks ago when I went to Hawaii gor a wedding but got time to
squeeze a few hikes in. What a place!
	Happy hiking and see you all on the trails.

            /<          Charles "C.C." Chapman II
           /<  		Chapma2_Char@Bentley.Edu
[\\\\\\\\\\\{*}:::<=============================================-       >
           \<    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
            \<                             - Lau Tzu