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introducing myself

Hello I just subscribed to the list. Have not even received any mail from
the list processor and I thought I would introduce myself.

I have always toyed with doing a through-hike since I was in high school
and the thought (of accomplishing this) is becoming a burning desire of
mine. Tentatively, thinking of a spring 97 Springer Mt start (or 98 if
responsibilities take precedence, which is the reason I guess I have'nt
already at least tried to do it in the past, if it has'nt been work, it has
been the house, the kids, school, whatever). I want to do it solo, my wife
providing the backup support. She and I have talked about it and she is
enthusiastic but worries about being alone for so many months (actually I
worry about it too). I have hiked sections of the trail in the Smokies, the
Blue Ridge, western Massachusetts, the Presidentials in New Hampshire and
in Maine. I have also backpacked in British Columbia, and sections of the
PCT in Oregon and California. I pretty much have the equipment already, and
I am in reasonably good shape (hopefully better by the time I start,
definately better by the time I finish if I finish).  I will be lurking to
learn logistics and the psychological aspects of the undertaking, and of
course any other sage advice. Best of luck to those who leave in a few
months. Cya

Douglas "Cap" Introne
Stable Isotope Laboratory
Sawyer Environmental Research Center
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

Tel. (207) 581-2192
Fax (207) 581-3490
E-mail introne@maine.maine.edu