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Re: Lightning on the AT

I was caught in a back lightning storm two days in a row near McAfee (sp?) Knob 
and the next day around Angels Pipeline.  The group I was with stayed at the 
campbell shelter the day we got caught at McAfee Knob we felt it was better to 
push it to the shelter than ride it out on top.  Lightning was hitting all 
around us.  There was definitely someone looking ot for us that day.  The next 
afternoon we were at Angel's Pipeline and were caught ina bad thunderstorm so 
we setup tents and camped out.  That night it was even worse.  Two of the women 
that were with us seemed very frightened (well we all were but they were the 
only ones that would admit to being scared).  It was very tough but luckily the 
brunt of the storm passed to our North and we were ok.  While we happened to be 
hiking these two sections they were evacuating towns south of us due to 
flooding (we didn't know about it until we got back home to NC).  I had parked 
my truck just south of Dragon's tooth and just so happened it was near a creek. 
Luckily the creek didn't overflow it's banks and my truck and our group escaped 
without incident.  

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