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Re: Lightning on the AT

>Oh, yes, lightning---my favorite subject while hiking the AT.  It seemed
>that for all the incredible views I got (the Hump, Beauty Spot, Mt. Rogers)
>I paid for it before or after by getting stuck in really nasty storms
>on the highest point around.   Essentially, if you get stuck in a storm,
>just hunker down and ride it out.  Some people who had Thermarests pulled
>them out and sat on them while in a the middle of the storm for insulation.
>The key thing is to make yourself as small as you can,  and try not to be
>crossing a bald or open area if you can plan ahead;  otherwise, sort of Zen
>with it if you get stuck in a really bad storm.

Marshall -

Sounds like you have a lot in common with the Weathercarrot.  He's not real
enthusiastic about lightning either.   He plans his day so he's finished hiking
before the thunderstorms hit.

I only had one run in with it - on the ridge south of Chestnut Knob shelter.
Just kept on moving - there wasn't anyplace to hide.

Jim Owen