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Re: sleeping bag question

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, E. George Oeser wrote:

> I am currently pondering the purchase of a new sleeping bag to take on my 
> thru-hike and I have a few questions. I have settled on down because of the 
> weight and compressibility benifits but there are a few other things I need 
> help with.
> First of all I am concerned about the shell. I have already done a bit of 
> hiking on the AT and have seen how fast bad weather can show up, this makes 

> me very concerned about winding up with a wet down bag. Because of this I am 
> thinking about a bag with a dryloft shell but I don't know if it is really 
> worth the extra expense? Also if anyone has used a bag with a dryloft shell, 
Dryloft was recommended to my by Steve Howe, one of the editors of 
Backpacker mag.  I trust him, but don't have any personal experience with 
it, other than when I was selling the bags in retail.   I did notice that 
the shells were rather loud and crinkley (sp?), you may want to check 
that out if it will grate on your nerves after a while.

> Secondly I am wondering about the temperature rating. I plan on leaving on 
I have found that temp ratings often depend on the company, and some are 
more honest than others.  Also there are individual factors involved 
too.  Caribou and Cascade designs both, I believe, use a temp. sensitive 
dummy in a big refrigerator type-thing to try and get more accurate 
measures.  Marmot gives a 10 degree range of comfort instead of a 
specific rating to make their point.

> Lastly, does anyone have any experience with Feathered Friends bags? I have 
> heard some really good things about their bags. Do their temp. ratings seem 
> to be pretty true?
I have heard mixed reviews, some involving the cut of the bag, so make 
sure it fits you. 

As I recently posted to rec.backcountry, I would look into Mountain 
Hardware for down bags, I think they are spectacular.  For a 3 season, 
check out their Crazy Legs mummy, with elastic around the knees so you 
can get a little more room w/out having to carry a bulkier bag. 

I also really think that Primaloft deserves a close look.  It is almost 
as compressible as down, and virtually waterproof by nature.


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