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sleeping bag question

I am currently pondering the purchase of a new sleeping bag to take on my 
thru-hike and I have a few questions. I have settled on down because of the 
weight and compressibility benifits but there are a few other things I need 
help with.
First of all I am concerned about the shell. I have already done a bit of 
hiking on the AT and have seen how fast bad weather can show up, this makes 
me very concerned about winding up with a wet down bag. Because of this I am 
thinking about a bag with a dryloft shell but I don't know if it is really 
worth the extra expense? Also if anyone has used a bag with a dryloft shell, 
how breathable is it? I tend to sweat quite a bit and am worried about 
getting a bag wet from the inside out.
Secondly I am wondering about the temprature rating. I plan on leaving on 
March 1st 1997 and do expect to run into quite a bit of cold temps. I also 
sleep pretty cold and after spending a rather chilly night in a 0 degree 
rated bag made by Kelty when the temprature only got down in the 30's I 
wonder if I should go for a bag rated down to -5 or -10 degrees even though 
I doubt I will run into tempratures that low ( I also have to wonder about 
the temp. rating on the bag I was using though)
Lastly, does anyone have any experience with Feathered Friends bags? I have 
heard some really good things about their bags. Do their temp. ratings seem 
to be pretty true?

E. George Oeser