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Re: So you think you want to thru-hike- part 3

In a message dated 95-10-25 15:21:40 EDT, Tarkus writes:

>I'd just add to Dennis's comment that you can always "mail up" to
>yourself the stuff you don't need at a particular mail drop, in case
>you might want it later.  When I hiked in '94, I generally went about
>5-7 days between drops.  Around Fontana, I began to mail up to my next
>drop supplies that I thought I'd need there (Tylenol, film, clothing
>that I had been carrying, etc).  Worked real good--I was still wearing
>a fleece top when I went over the Priest/Three Ridges around the week
>of Memorial Day.  Also, until you get to Virginia, there are few close
>by stores to do resupply easily;  I felt that having mail drops was
>good practice in the early days.

Thank you for the comments and yes I do agree.  I had forgotten how I 
had split up some of my mail drops myself and mailed them to myself
up ahead.  I also would mail equipment that I didn't feel I needed at the

One reason I didn't abandon my mail drops completely was solely because I 
had all my food prepared.  I spent months dehydrating meals.  Let me tell
I was one of the best fed hikers out there.  And I avoided the repetition and
boredom that many hikers have.  I know many who will never ever eat another
Lipton Noodles and Sauce or Ramen Noodles. 

Steve Lund
"Uncle Wolf"