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Hello fellow AT'ers-

My name is Dan, and it was suggested in the signon message of the list to 
introduce myself, So...

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee at 
Chattanooga in Secondary Education: Natural Science-Physics. I will 
graduate in December after a long semester of student teaching, and I 
find I am not sure I want to teach! At least at th high school level. I 
am 36, and thus have a significant amount of life experience behind me 
and find that my personality style may not match what is required to 
survive in today's schools as a teacher. I have made alternate plans to 
attend graduate school at UT Knoxville to obtain my Masters in 
Architecture. But as I stated before, I still am not sure!

Thus I have begun planning a thru-hike, hopefully beginning in January, 
in order to clear my head and make some decisions. While most people 
would question my beginning in January, let me advise you I grew up in 
the Adirondack mountains of NY, and have always preferred Winter hiking 
to other seasons. Since it has been a while since I have done a lot of 
hiking, I plan on starting slow in addition to starting a conditioning 
program now. Graduate school, if I decide to go, would begin in June, 
thus leaving me about 5 1/2 months for the trip. From my reading so far, 
this seems a reasonable time period. I started this planning a year ago, 
but found I did not have the time required available. This period between 
undergraduate and graduate school seems like the best one I will ever 
have. Once out of graduate school, it will be time to get to work to pay 
off all those school loans! ;)

I have found the AT Web pages, and have pulled a lot of information from 
them. I thank those that have contributed to them. I plan on joining the 
ATC and obtaining their maps and data book. I have the one for the 
southern end already. David Bailey mentioned having his time table on a 
spreadsheet, if he is listening, or anyone else that has one, I would 
appreciate a copy to start my planning from. I can handle most any format 
file, Mac or PC.

I am interested in all help that may be available, particularly along the 
lines of matching up with someone else that is interested in going along 
at about the same time. I believe it is safer to travel in pairs, rather 
than alone, in case of injury. Is there some postings somewhere that I 
might look up?

Thanks for the assistance in advance, I look forward to an interesting group!


C Daniel Chase        cchase@cecasun.utc.edu      Roots-L Administration
                GenWeb-->   http://www.utc.edu/~cchase/