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My First Posting to AT-L

Hi Everybody,  This is my first posting to the AT mailing list and would
like to introduce myself.

My name is Steve Lund - trail name "Uncle Wolf".  I completed my '95
on Katahdin on September 20th after starting from Springer April 3rd.

I can find no words to sum up the experience that I've had.  Maybe the
closest I
can come up with are words like incredible, unforgettable, amazing...  One 
thing I do know for certain is that my life is forever changed.  I guess I am
in the 
process of figuring out just what those changes are.  Trying to get a job,
a home - basically building my life over from scratch.

I would love to try and track down my trail family from this year.  I'm also
interested in hearing from other thru-hikers and how your lives are going
your adventures.  So, please e-mail me at slunder@aol.com.

Kind Regards,
Steve Lund
"Uncle Wolf"