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Re: AT Shuttle Service May Die!! (fwd)

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Kathy Bilton wrote:
> Ed Posted this on the AT page discuss the AT area - and I toought it 
> would be of interest to the list. 
> Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 11:00:22 -0500
> From: emalesky@jax.jaxnet.com
> To: HyperNews@union.ncsa.uiuc.edu
> Subject: AT Shuttle Service May Die!!
> ...trimmed

> He also told me something that disturbed me and I'm posting this note to
> solicit input about the new regulations that are being proposed for
> these shuttle drivers. Apparently the National Forest Service has
> decided that they don't like these folks making money from the AT
> without them getting a cut. The current plan is to require them to pay a
> fee to the NFS, get $1,000,000 in insurance, become a certified shuttle
> driver and only drive on prescribed routes to certain locations. 
> ...trimmed
> I don't know if this applies to all of the AT or just Georgia, but I
> would hate to see this service disappear or become so regulated that
> it's too expensive and too difficult to use.

I don't see how the NFS could regulate this at all. I have never used a 
shuttle service...do they act as if they are agents of the NFS? On the 
subject of insurance, I suppose you would need to comply with whatever 
laws apply to vehicles that carry passengers for hire; as unfair as it 
may seem.

I'd like to hear more on this.


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