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Fwd: Re: Trail conditions?

>Hi everyone,
>A friend and myself are planning on spending a few days on the AT 
>toward the end of the month. We will be along the N.C./ TN. boarder 
>north of the Smokies and I was wondering if anybody new what the 
>condition of the AT is in that area since Huricaine Opal did her 
> E. George Oeser

I just returned from a trip to the Smokies. The road from Cherokee, NC 
to Gatlinburg, TN. was closed due to several rock slides caused from 
excessive water prior to Opal and winds from Opal. The road was due to 
be reopened today (10-10-95).  If you need to use this road, I 
recommend that you call ahead to make sure it is open.  The road 
leading to the Blue Ridge Parkway was also closed and several blow- 
downs were visible from the gate.  Using this as an indicator, I 
suspect that hiking thru this area will be slower than usual, but not 

Al Heaton