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Re: Trail in Georgia

Alex asked me to forward this to the list.

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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 21:09:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alex Wang <ywang02@emory.edu>
To: kathy@bigdog.fred.net
Subject: Could you please foward this?

Hi Kathy,
	Could you please forward this message ... the at-l listserv isn't 
recognizing my e-mail address.  Thanks!


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Subject: Re: Trail impassable in Georgia (fwd)

Hey y'all,
	A group of us just hiked the trail from Saturday morning until 
today ... we started at Woody Gap and headed south towards Amicalola 
Falls  (after Springer).  Well, the first couple climbs and decents were 
pretty horendous.  The ascents were usually littered with fallen trees 
and descents weren't too bad.  In one section, it took us about an hour 
to make it through 1/2 mile of trial.  In some areas, there just weren't 
any tree still standing.  After about half the trip to Springer, the 
trail conditions were milder ... there were still fallen trees but you 
didn't have to circle several hundred feet to find the path again.  
Regardless, this has been one of most enjoyable trips overall ... there's 
something novel and exciting about hiking where there's no trail ... it 
takes your mind off the thought of the mechanical climbing and descending 
that you sometimes feel.
	If anyone plans to hike that section anytime soon, there is some 
hope:  we heard chainsaw behind us as were leaving one of the gaps about 
halfway through the trip.  Good luck!


On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, Kathy Bilton wrote:

> >From Jim Kovar.
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> Date: Sun, 08 Oct 1995 21:30:23 -0500
> From: jim kovar <jvkovar@mindspring.com>
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> Subject: Trail impassable in Georgia
> Hello fellow trail lovers and page maintainers;
>         The Appalachian Trail has suffered severe damage and is completely
> blocked in many places due to blowdowns and related storm damage from
> Hurricane Opal on the Georgia sections.
>          We are having requests from thru hikers met on the trail to be
> taken out.  Hikers   still planning to come to the south should discard all
> timetables and schedules at this time.  We are working to  locate the trail,
> cut tunnels thru the brush and clear where possible. Special maintainence
> trips are being scheduled, but the damage is severe and this will take a
> while. it is indeterminable at this time as to when the trail will be open,
> but we are working on it.  
>          Please post an advisory to the effect that the trail is impassable
> in many
> places on the Georgia sections, and that hikers planning trips south should
> expect major delays.
> Thanks for the help.  jvk
> Jim Kovar
> jvkovar@mindspring.com
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> voice mail-404-297-8842
> "The richest values of wilderness lie not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor
> even in the present but rather in the future."  - Aldo Leopold