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Re[2]: Making a list and checking it twice

> > >Isn't Vitamin I the "breakfast of Champions"???
> > 800mg of ibuprofen, q.i.d., did me just fine. Just have to
> > remember to eat,
>Just a gentle warning, but you'll need to more than "remember to eat".

[gentle warning heeded, but omitted]

Actually, I was taking the ibuprofen on the advice of a doctor in the
Pearisburg, VA walk-in, and fortunately never had a problem with it.
Most days I stuck with "normal" prescription doses, until my
stress fractures (which the same doctor had informed me were
plantar fasciitis) got the better of me in New England, as we picked
up our pace.

I wouldn't take my medical advice, anyway (I'm not a doctor, nor do I
play one on television.) ;->

That being said, on the trail, if anything seems like it hurts more than
it should, take the extra day in town to have it looked at... the trail
should be fun, not crippling.

-- Dennis