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Re[2]: Making a list and checking it tw

 > >Isn't Vitamin I the "breakfast of Champions"???
 > 800mg of ibuprofen, q.i.d., did me just fine. Just have to 
 > remember to eat,
Just a gentle warning, but you'll need to more than "remember to eat".
Large doses of ibuprofen can be very dangerous to your kidney.  You would be 
surprised how many people develop acute renal failure from ibuprofen and 
related drugs.  This is especially likely if a person is dehydrated, even 
mildly.  The vast majority of us who hike are usually somewhat dehydrated.  
This is not a good time to take this type of drug.  If you need some 
ibuprofen, try to limit yourself to 400 mg first and then take an additional 
dose only if absolutely necessary.  The most important thing to remember is to 
drink, drink, drink!!!  You should drink enough fluids that your urine is 
either colorless or a very pale yellow.  Once you obtain this color of urine, 
then take the ibuprofen and have another large drink of water.  Your only 
protection from harm is to be well hydrated.
I'm glad that you didn't mention Aleve.  This analgesic is even harsher on 
your kidneys than ibuprofen.  By far the safest analgesic is acetaminophen.
Bob Richards, MD