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Re: to Jim Burton

Thanks for that story - if it worked for her, it might work for me. 

I'm thinkin' ... leave of absence from mid-March to end of August ... 
that would do 'er. This thought had actually started to gel before I got 
your post. Thanks! 

But maybe 'till mid Sept., not to be hurried. Equinox to equinox, yes, 
that's it (sound of mental gears grinding).

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995 BruceBaird@aol.com wrote:

> I hiked up Katahdin with a thru-hiker named Holly, a public school teacher
> who also took a leave of absence from teaching to do the AT.  Among her
> arguments for the leave of absence is that substitutes get paid less than
> regular teachers so the school saved money by letting her go.  She left
> Springer on March 16 and finished on August 21.

> Jim Bruton, jbruton@quest.arc.nasa.gov,
  Chinle, AZ