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Re: Summits

  Hi Sharon,
  Some call it an unnatural fear of heights, but I don't think there's 
anything unnatural about it. It's a long way down!
  I get the same insecure feeling when crossing a knifeedge or
approaching the edge of a cliff. The only times it caused me any
concern during my thru-hike last year was early in my journey.
  The first section was through Virginia where much of the trail
follows the tops of ridges. The trail goes over a series of ledges
and some are at a little bit of an angle. I always feel a force pushing
me towards the edge. I concentrated over the first few and after a
 while, the rest went by much easier. The second and last place I felt 
uneasy was coming out of Palmerton, Pa. where I stayed at the 
jailhouse hostel ( a must by the way ). The climb up Lehigh Gap
was pretty treacherous, barren rock and fairly difficult climbing
trying to find handholds and footholds while balancing a heavy
pack. I just took my time and made sure of every move. After that,
there wasn't any obstacle that could stop me.
  The hike proved to me that I could push myself further than I ever
thought possible. Came away with a much better understanding of
who I was and what I was capable of.
   Hope this helps and good luck. You won't regret making the effort.