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Re: to Jim Burton

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Rich Milewski wrote:

> Thanks for the extra data.  I am able to get off from teaching because I
> work for a private school, I am not tenured and they have very flexable
> personal policies, no job security, no money but flexability.  I have

That's great! Maybe no money or security, but perhaps a chance to get 
some good teaching done in a serious setting (am I right?) ... i.e., as 
opposed to public school!

> applied for a sabadical and and they will allow me to leave early.  I have
> also provided a sub.  My feelings are its now or never.  The administration
> is not thrilled to death with my plans but have been cooperative.  I will
> need to finish my hike a few days before the start of the fall semester
> which means a few days after labor day.  I hope I can make it. 

I'm confused ("wouldn't be the first time!" ) ... are you just getting 
off April thru September, 1996? 

Of course you can make it! Will make it. I envy you - I found I made real 
good friends on the trail. 

> I noticed you have a gov domain, do you work for NASA? Rich 

No, I work for a public school, actually! I teach astronomy & physics 
here on the Navajo reservation. I love my job and the kids are the 
greatest part about it.  I got the internet account thru the magnanimity 
of the phone company in cooperation with NASA (or the other way around, I 
forget) as part of a program for teachers of minority youth, to get us 

I was interested by an earlier comment, by Mike, I think, about 
thru-hiking north to south being a good way to go. I was thinking out 
loud that that would be how I'd have to do it -- I'd have to take a leave 
of absence for an academic year -- end of May to a year from the 
following August -- and reasoned a continuous hike could only be done 
from the north.

Anybody else have data re. relative merits of N->S  vs.  S->N ????

> Jim Bruton, jbruton@quest.arc.nasa.gov,
  Chinle, AZ