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Re: Hi

>Hi to everyone,
>My name is Sharon, and my husband Jim and I are planning a thru-hike in the
>year 2000.  That will be when our son is old enough to stay here and hold
>down the fort while we are away.  We will celebrate both our 51st birthdays
>on the trail.
>Meanwhile we do as much hiking and backpacking as possible.  We are using
>the time to try new recipes, get in shape, and shake down new equipment.  I
>am learning how to dehydrate our favorite recipes, and then we vacuum seal
>them to last as long as possible.
>It is great to find the AT web-page and this list.  We really enjoy reading
>about everyone else's hikes, and all the questions.  We feel like part of a
>Good Hiking,
Hi Sharon,

Welcome to you and Jim. I will be 48 when I make my hike in 96, I was
thinking for a while that I would be one of the olderst folks doing a thru
hike. Your posting has lifted my spirits. Thanks.  Rich