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Re: Cooking pot (was Re: To Jim Burton)

Dan - I think whatever is the lightest that _will suit your needs_. Try 
cooking up whatever you plan on eating on the trail, and pick the 
smallest pot that'll hold it all. Bottom line is, shave off every ounce 
you can. 

OTOH, one thing I would have changed from my previous summer was my 
decision not to bring a camera. A camera is heavy, that's why I left it 
behind, but last summer I met lots of great folks and have no pictures :(

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Dan Grossman wrote:

> I will be making the trek with my father and so I'm looking at a one pot 
> for two people situation.  I'm thinking 2 qt. or 3 qt.  Advice on what size?

> Jim Bruton, jbruton@quest.arc.nasa.gov,
  Chinle, AZ