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Making a list and checking it twice


I just re-subscribed to the AT list, I'm someone who is planing an April
departure for a thru hike.  I have gone through a few of the books offered
by ATC.  The lists of what to take seem a bit long or maybe my feeling is a
little heavy.  Anyone have a list of basic equipment based on real life
experience.  Maybe a better question might be, what have people discarded
from the original
equipment they took with them, who have thru or section hiked?  I am not a
novice hiker, I just wondered what others took with them.

I would be grateful for an answer to one more question.  Earlier this summer
I was hiking on the AT in NJ near Sunfish Pond.  At campsite #2 I noticed
when we pulled in after dark that some of the hikers in some group, who left
their pots and pans out, had painted the bottoms of their cooking equipment
with what looked like orange paint.  They pulled out next morning before we
got moving.  Anyone know why they might have done that?  To make it easy to
clean perhaps?
Wouldn't one of the MSR stoves, for example, burn the paint off?  Thanks in
advance for any help.  Rich