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Re: hi to all

>Hello to everyone on this list. I'm a new subscriber. I look forward to 
>reading about others' experiences and opinions. 
>I live in Arizona, in the heart of the Navajo Nation. I teach high school
>physics and astronomy, and have lived here for three years. 
>I have been section hiking the AT for the last two summers, from south to 
>Summer of '94, 4 weeks, 330 miles, Springer Mtn. to Erwin, TN. 
>Summer of '95, 7 weeks, 660 miles, Erwin to Harpers Ferry, WV (!). 
>Summer of '95 got to meet a lot of thu hikers - sort of the stragglers, I
>think. Totally good experience this summer, 'though there was my little
>bout with dehydration on July 14, just south of Rockfish Gap, VA. That was
>one of those 99-degree days. 
>So, I'm kind of a "newbie" on the internet, but I just thought I'd say, 
>"hi" to everyone, and hope to get a chance to chat once and a while. 
>Just tonight I loaded an internet browser that came in the mail called
>"SPRY MOSAIC," something connected with CompuServe. Anyway, this was my
>first experience with a graphical web browser. I went over to the AT
>homepage and I think it is really neat. 
>Well, I look forward to any response. Regards to all ...
>> Jim Bruton, jbruton@quest.arc.nasa.gov,
>  Chinle, AZ
Hi Jim,

Welcome, my name Rich Milewski, with a little bit of luck I will be a Thru
Hiker this year.  I expect to leave about the 1st. week of April.  I also
teach in a private school in New Jersey. I post messages on this list from
time to time and I have found that most folks are both helpful and kind.
Good Luck.  Rich