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Re: Hike report

Dear Jim,
Loved your report!  Since we had both covered some of the same
miles, I could really picture where you were.  And I agree with
your comments about the companionships on the trail!  Wonderful
group of people out there!  Can't wait to hit the trail again!
And I will be hiking on Oct 7 for section 32 (Skyline service
road to Simmons Gap)of the AOL tag team hike. 
I recognized your name from the campfire meetings...I am
Mtsandsky, the flag maker for the hike.  So even if I can't
hike the whole trail yet, my flag will make it the entire
length!  Guess I'll have to write up a report about that hike
for the list!
Take care and keep writing and hiking!
* Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner,                  *
* I've been involved in a desperate search for my sanity! *
* Translation for the reality impaired:  GONE HIKING  ;-) *