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re: Maine AT Hike (Shuttles)


The ATC has a list of people who provide shuttle service along the AT.  You 
can give them a call or E-mail and they will mail it to you.  My copy of the 
list is dated 5-20-95 and could be slightly out of date; however, it lists 
the following shuttle sources for Maine (and the areas they cover):

Ken Hoyt    		Reba Plante		Jerome Richard
Bryan Pond, ME	  	(207)364-3073		Rumford, ME
207-665-2460		Western Maine		207-369-0493
Throughout ME		(Sec 8-13)		Throughout ME

Philip Pepin		Jim Dowl		Charles B. Nute	   
Fairfield, ME		Northern Appalachian	Carmel, ME
207-246-4663		Guiding			207-848-2262
Throughout ME		Union, ME		Kennebec River Crossing into
			207-785-2697		Monson, also Katahdin Cmpgrnd
			between Kennebece 	(Sec 1-5)
			River & Baxter Park

I've not made it this far yet, so I can't attest to the service or 
reliability of the above individuals.  Maybe someone else on the listserve 
can give recommendations based upon their personal experience(s).

Good Luck,

Tim Rich
Birmingham, AL