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For those wondering about snakebite treatment, I located a source:  
Appalachian Trailway News July/Aug 1994, p. 27.  Vernon Vernier, M.D.
quotes Maynard Cox, "founder and director of the World Wide Poison Bite 
Center, and author of Protocol for Emergency Room Procedures and 
Hospital Management of Snakebite," as saying that snekebite kits are
dangerous.  Apparently rattler and copperhead poison can't be 
sucked out effectively and attempting only causes a risk of infection
"So, instead of treating for snakebite, Mr. Cox recommends treating
the patient for shock....If you're in the woods, someone should stay
with the patient while another hiker secures medical assistance....
In most cases a snakebite victim has about 12 hours to get antivenin...."
Cox can be reached at 904 264 6512 

Evans Harrell