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Some WWW SItes from Andy Hiltz

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 18:26:35 -0400
From: Andy Hiltz <AHiltz@BBN.COM>
To: kathy@fred.net

Kathy -

Could you post this to the AT List processor.  I just unsubscribed, and now
it won't even let me send mail to the list.



I haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but there is a good quantity of
information on the WWW that might help some those who are planning
through-hikes along the AT, or who would just like to check out other
information.  A number of trail clubs that maintain sections of the
Appalachian Trail have Web pages posted.  Here are the URLs for those clubs
that are posted so far....

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

Appalachian Mountain Club

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club

Connecticut Chapter of the AMC

and here are a couple others you might find helpful:

American Hiking Society

Kathy Bilton's most excellent Appalachian Trail home page

"An Appalachian Adventure", a group of reporters hiking the trail right now.
Great articles, great pictures.

All these links and more can be found on the PATC page.  Spend a little time
visiting each of these pages.  There's a LOT of good information available
for viewing.  Hope this helps y'all.

Andy Hiltz
PATC Pagemeister